Swiss Red Cross online babysitting service

The Swiss Red Cross (SRC) babysitting service search engine helps bring parents and babysitters together. The online babysitting service also provides useful advice to ensure everything goes smoothly, and a link to babysitting courses. Click on the relevant picture and sign up to enjoy all the advantages the portal has to offer.

Why choose the SRC babysitting portal?

  • The Red Cross, a partner you can trust


    The Swiss Red Cross (SRC), founded in 1866, is the largest humanitarian organization in Switzerland, with 72,000 volunteers and 500,000 members. The SRC works to improve the well-being of families and connects parents and babysitters with its not-for-profit service. It attempts to help parents while providing young people with sensible activities.

  • Security and profile verification procedure


    We check every profile, both for parents and babysitters. Only babysitters trained by the SRC are admitted. Under-age babysitters who want to sign up must obtain their parents' consent. Their parents are kept informed each time their child receives an offer to babysit.

  • Trained babysitters certified by the SRC


    The Red Cross babysitting course is given by experienced professional Red Cross trainers. Once they have completed the course, the participants receive a certificate for the 10 hours of training received. This foundation course teaches the main skills, such as giving the baby its bottle or changing its nappy, suitable games, how to identify potential hazards, or reacting correctly if problems arise.